Vantage's commitment to green.

Sustainability Without Compromise
Allow Vantage Lighting Control options to multi-task for you — save money and our environment while elegantly lighting your home. Explore our Lighting Control Solutions.

Extend Lamp Life
A 1500 Hour Incandescent lamp will last nearly 10 years when dimmed 33% and used 3 hours per day or when the Vantage system maximum on is set to 90% for daily use. 

Conserve and Save
Dimming all or most of your lights just 25% saves 5% in total overall energy consumption on average. Using integrated motion sensors allows the Vantage system to intelligently turn off lights and setback systems in unoccupied areas. 

Decrease Your Footprint
Installing lower wattage halogen lamps in place of incandescent lights can reduce lighting energy needs as much as 25%. And energy efficient LEDs are even more efficient. With Vantage dimming technology we can precisely dim them all.

Energy Management Widget

Energy Management Widget

This widget is an interface for monitoring energy, water and gas usage in the house. For electrical, users can monitor and affect real-time energy consumption in KwH, currency and pounds of C02 as well as implement energy saving strategies such as temperature setpoint setbacks, setting load max values, turning lights and areas off, managing A/V rack power and other similar events.

Tiered energy costs are visible as will high usage lights, hvac units, rooms, etc. Users are able to see the usage in a graphical as well as a textual format. Swiping side to side will give the user access to more meters, power sources in the home.
Commitment to Green

Commitment to Green

At Vantage we believe in conserving our natural resources to protect the planet for future generations. That’s why we engineer each of our products with resource conservation in mind, allowing homeowners to both save money and protect the environment. From dimming the lights to monitoring energy usage and providing real-time feedback, Vantage Systems help homeowners responsibly manage their energy usage and lower their spending in the process.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting

LED lights offer many advantages over traditional lighting methods. They consume far less energy, have a considerably longer service life and increased durability. They also provide design elements that are difficult to accomplish using incandescent or compact fluorescent lighting including directional distribution of light, the ability to fully dim without color change and a complete range of color availability.

Vantage offers a full range of products that are compatible with dimmable LED light sources. Through a partnership with many lighting fixture manufacturers we have carried out extensive testing to determine what Vantage products work best with multiple fixture types. Vantage makes these test results available to our dealer partners in an effort to better serve homeowners.

Contact your Vantage Dealer to learn more about LED lighting control.