Simplicity is the new luxury.

It seems like life is moving at an ever increasing pace. You can bring an added measure of calm and simplicity to your life with Vantage without compromising lifestyle. A single button press can create the environment to match your mood when installed and programmed by trained and certified professionals that are backed by platinum customer service and support.

One Button

one button

The world at your finger tips. The press of a button on a Vantage system can completely change your environment.

Dealer Install

dealer install

Vantage has an extensive network of trained professional designers and installers. Find a Vantage professional near you.



For a truly successful experience, we recognize that system selection, design, programming and support need to be synchronized between your project dreams, drawings and designs, our system and our professional network.

From concept meetings through system design, installation and commissioning, Vantage will provide in-depth assistance for every facet of your project.