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 - Equinox Climate Widget*

The every day things you need to do are the every day things you want to do. Save money and energy by scheduling your thermostats as well as remotely managing them.

 - Equinox Lighting Widget*

Equinox lets you manage lighting in instantly familiar ways. Hit "goodnight", entertain guests or put your house into vacation mode at the touch of a button.

 - Equinox Scenes Widget*

Scenes customize your living space with a simple button press. Equinox is ahead of its time and will grow with you as you create and edit your own scenes.

 - Equinox Shades Widget*

Use this widget to set shades or blinds to open gradually in the morning as you wake up or close all at once when you leave the house.

 - Equinox Timer Widget*

This widget was created to give homeowners the ability to make changes to existing timers as well as the ability to create their own timed events. View or edit all scheduled events or simply bypass them entirely.

 - Equinox Weather Widget*

Dynamic weather displays in Equinox makes checking current conditions like having a personal weatherman without the corny jokes.