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Vantage Lighting Control
10PWN-DIN - 0-10 PWM DIN-Low Voltage Output Station

The 0-10 PWM DIN-Low Voltage Output Station is used for the control and automation of LED, CLF and CCFL lighting loads requiring either 0-10 or PWM for dimming control.

Each LVOS DIN features eight...

ELDS - Electronic Load Dimming Station (ELDS)

The Vantage ELDS4-DIN, Dimming Station is a 4 channel dimmer that connects to the Vantage Control System. It is powered from a local line feed, and communicates with the system through the Vantage 2‑-wire station...

LVRS8-DIN - Low Voltage Relay Module (DIN)

Allows effortless control of devices such as lighting loads, draperies, pumps, garage doors, lifts, screens, pool covers, sprinklers, security systems, and much more.

RS8-L-DIN - Lighting Relay Module (DIN)

Allows effortless control of lighting throughout the home.

SLDS4-DIN - Standard Load Dimmer Module (DIN)

The Standard Load Dimmer Module allows for flawless dimming of any type of light in your space and is essential in creating lighting scenes.