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Project Challenge

The homeowners were seeking a solution that allowed them to control multiple energy sources in a “net zero” home. A home is classified as “net zero” when the amount of energy provided by on-site renewable energy sources is equal to the amount of energy consumed by the home. This residence features geothermal heating throughout the home and a solar/electric water heater. Vantage was tasked with developing a platform that provides control for the home’s renewable systems in addition to implementing energy-reducing solutions for traditional electrical components.

Vantage Solution

Vantage’s powerful InFusion controller was installed as the backbone of the home, allowing for seamless control of all renewable energy sources. The addition of nearly 40 Vantage SquareTouch SoftLine keypads programmed with multiple lighting scenes enabled one-touch dimming of all LED lights while maintaining the home’s beautiful aesthetics.

Project Benefits

Through the simplicity of a Vantage home automation system, the homeowners are now able to control all of their renewable energy devices from anywhere in the house. Vantage keypads added increased lighting functionality while preserving an elegant look and feel inside the home. With Vantage’s help, this home achieved LEED Platinum status, the highest rating given by the United States Green Building Council for residential and commercial construction. This project is a shining example proving that sustainability and luxury can go hand in hand.

Project Details

Vantage Application Residential
Project Name Connecticut Sustainable Home
Project Location Connecticut
Square Footage 3,600 sf
Project Details 4 Bedrooms

Vantage Products Incorporated

Enclosures 2
Lighting Loads 69
Keypads 39
Wired ScenePoint Relays 16
120 Volt Latching Relay Modules 4
Contact Input Station (DIN) 1
InFusion Controller 1

Third Party Integration

Lighting Cree LR6 LED Fixtures

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