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Project Challenge

This home offers a picturesque view of Lake Ontario along with a unique opportunity to see the Vantage Hybrid system design integrated into a project design. The homeowner, an Interior Designer, wanted to create a timeless beautiful home for her family while facilitating green energy. The home’s impressive size, complex geothermal heating and cooling system, custom lighting, dual irrigation systems, security and audio/video components had to be integrated together with a simplistic method of control. A generator providing emergency power also needed to be included. Initially the Vantage system controlled the main rooms of the home and integrated the house features seamlessly. After living with the system in the main areas for 2 yrs the remaining areas of the home were added to the Vantage system using RF Scenepoint Dimmers, existing Keypads were updated to new backlit engraved button styles.

Vantage Solution

The Vantage solution offers smooth and coordinated dimming of all lighting loads, including incandescent, fluorescent and LEDs. By tying all the home’s functions into the powerful InFusion control platform, the homeowners are able to control lighting, temperature and audio/video easily from any of the main rooms in the home. The 10.4” touchscreens provide the owners with unrestricted access to controlling dual feed irrigation systems surrounding their garden and private putting green. The home features 16 independent audio zones, 5 video zones, 2 of them with Digital Surround Sound, all of them managed by Vantage’s High Definition Video Switcher and Multi- zone amplifiers.

Project Benefits

The addition of a Vantage automation system provides these homeowners with enhanced convenience, unparalleled entertainment options, and improved safety and reliability for their family and guests. The finished project exceeded the client’s interior design prerequisites and showcases the elegant integration of technology in a luxury smart home. Thanks to the intuitive user interfaces and simple keypad designs, they have been able to enjoy their system without any training.

Project Details

Vantage Application Residential
Project Name Lakeshore
Project Location Burlington, Ontario
Square Footage 8,500 sf
Project Details 5 Bedrooms, 7 baths

Vantage Products Incorporated

Enclosures 3
InFusion Controller 1
Dimmer Modules 11
Lighting Loads, Including LEDs 174
Relay Module 1
Thermostats 9
Remote Thermostat Sensors 10
TheaterPoint 1
Low Voltage Output Station 1
DIN Contact Input Stations 7
DIN Low Voltage Relay Stations 5
Keypad Stations, BriteStyle 26
TPT1040 Touchscreens 3
TPT650 Touchscreen 1
Digital Music Manager 1
450 Multi-Zone Amplifiers (16 Audio Zones) 4
1080HD High Definition Video Switches (5 Video Zones) 1
Vantage Software iPhone App, iPad, App, WebPoint Lite
RF ScenePoint Dimmers, EasyTouch II 28
RF ScenePoint Relay, EasyTouch II 1
RF AccentPoint Dimmers 2

Integration Partners
and Products



Home Theater Receivers 2 Denon AVR3805, Marantz SR8002
HDTV Set-top Box 2 Pace D550D
Video Server 1 Niveus Rainier500
Apple TV 1 Apple
LCD TVs 5 Sony, LG, Samsung
In-ceiling and Outdoor Speakers 7 Niles Audio
RF Remote Controls 3 URC
RF Receiver 1 MSC400
Jandy Pool/Spa Controller 1 AquaLink RS
Security System 1 DSC Security Power Series/IT-100
Power Conditioners 2 Panamax Power Conditioners
Game Systems 3 Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3
Portable Control 2 iPad, iTouch


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