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John Elway's Colorado Home


Project Challenge

John Elway has embraced the evolution of new technology as it has progressed for the last 25 years. The Elway’s home is 30 years old, a reliable wireless system was required to control 175 loads in their 15,000 square foot home. Energy saving with single button control and convenience were also key factors; with an emphasis on dramatic lighting scenarios and simple controls.

Vantage Solution

An InFusion RadioLink system was installed to control all 175 loads and provide mood lighting customized to each room. EasyTouch II RadioLink keypads provide an appealing aesthetic to complement the home’s stunning architecture.

Project Benefits

Integrated control is provided for audio, video, lighting, shades, pool/spa, and waterfall. John’s favorites are the Entertain and “all off” scenes. All off saves him an hour each night turning off all the lights in the home, “To be able to control the whole house with one button is my favorite feature.” Paige enjoys the “cookie” button that lights a pathway to the kitchen at night.

Project Details

Vantage Application Residential
Project Name John and Paige Elway Home
Project Location Denver, Colorado
Square Footage 15,000 sf

Vantage Products Incorporated

Enclosures 2
InFusion Controller 2
Keypads 115
Controlled Lighting Loads 175
Pool, Spa and Waterfall Control
Mobile Touchscreens 3
Software Design Center

Integration Partners and Products

Pool, Spa and Waterfall Control Drivers

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