Desert Springs, California

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Desert Springs


Project Challenge

The homeowner is a lighting specifier. They wanted to specify a wide range of types of lighting (LED, incandescent, forward phase, reverse phase, etc.) They also wanted a single interface to control their entire home including kitchen and butler’s kitchen, wine room, personal and gathering spaces, 8 fireplaces, 8 automated 15’ x 8’ sliding glass doors, indoor/outdoor bar and patio, pool/spa and hot tub, pool LED’s, music, etc.

Vantage Solution

The InFusion system provides the complete system integration and the Equinox interface delivers on the requirement for a single interface to control everything. It is very responsive and intuitive. The entire family, guests and staff use the intuitive interface.

Project Benefits

When you press the entertain button, the response is amazing - in the bar, accent and party lights come on, music starts playing; in the wine cellar multi-color changing LEDs come on, fireplaces come on if it’s cool outside; the color changing LEDs on the pool come on; misters or heaters come on on the patio depending on the temperature. This house is completely controlled by Equinox 40 and Equinox 73.

Project Details

Vantage Application Residential
Project Name Desert Springs
Project Location Desert Springs, California
Square Footage 10,000 sf

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