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What's Your Smart Home Key Pad Style? 

-Electronic House


TED Talk's January Smart Talk

-TED Magazine


Universal Wall Box Dimmer Controls Load, Scene or Both



Q&A: Vantage Controls’ Reid Cram Talks Trends in Lighting

-Technology Integrator


Napa Valley Home Earns Region’s First Residential LEED Platinum Status

-Electronic House


John Elway Extends Love of Smart Lighting to Idaho Home

-Electronic House

Lighting Control Keypads for People with Big Hands

-Electronic House

RadioLink EasyTouch II Keypad By Legrand

-Facility Executive

Legrand Unveils New Two-Button Wireless Vantage Keypad


Legrand Vantage RadioLink

-Residential Products Online

Legrand Sets the Standard for Wireless Lighting Control with New Vantage Keypad

-Construction Dive

Programmable Two Button Keypad Enhances Wireless Lighting Control


Vantage Controls Announces Changes in Sales Leadership

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Vantage's Infusion® LiteTouch® Retrofit Provides a Smart, Sleek Solution

- Residential Systems

Building Experiences that Transcend Platforms

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Case Study:  Rabbi's Home Gets One-Button Shabbat Lighting Control

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Vantage Launches Driver for Seamless Control of NuVo Wireless Audio System

- Home Toys

John Elway Praises Home Tech, Talks Football during Legrand Tailgate Party

- CEPro

Vantage Equinox Lighting Keypads Set the Stage

- Electronic House

Vantage Shows Off Equinox System in Room With a View

- Sound & Vision

Home Systems Connect More

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More Home Systems Talking To One Another For Integrated Control

- Twice

Vantage Augments LCD Touchpanels with Equinox 73

- CEPro

Vantage Equinox 73 Touchscreen Heralds in Next Gen Control Interfaces

- Residential Systems

Custom Integrators Help Clients Monitor, Control Home Energy Usage

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Vantage Provides Advanced Control for ONE UN

Vantage has completed phase one of the renovations to ONE UN New York in New York City. The upgrade of the 439-room luxury hotel began in early 2012, with the goal of enhancing the in-room experience of guests, upgrading both the aesthetic design and technology of the hotel, and also significantly saving energy.

- Residential Systems

Vantage Equinox 4 LCD Keypad Now Ready for Pre-order

Vantage has made the Equinox 4 keypad available for pre-order, with shipping scheduled for November 19, 2012.

- Residential Systems

Making Lives A Bit Easier

Technology Enables Integrators and Manufacturers to Help People with Special Needs

-Residential Systems, by Dan Daley

Cedia 2012 Highlights: Vantage Controls

"In addition to the Equinox 4 keypad, Vantage showed a new Equinox 7” touchscreen and updated IOS apps with the same look and feel as the keypad so you can present a unified user experience. Very cool."

-Custom Works Group

Vantage Introduces Equinox Keypad

"Vantage is really interested in the customer experience. After two years talking directly with home owners, Vantage developed a keypad and user interface that are easier to navigate and integrate better with existing home automation systems."

- Michael Riesenbeck, technology tell

Vantage Debuts Equinox 4 LCD Keypad

"In addition to delivering the sophistication of a larger touchscreen, and with a level of precise control unachievable with mobile devices, it represents the future of our design philosophy: ultimate simplicity, ultimate consistency, and an end to the clutter and confusion that have defined home automation to this point."
-Andrew Wale, VP, Marketing, Vantage Controls, as quoted in Residential Systems

Vantage Gets a “Wow” with New Equinox Control Panel for Luxury Hotel Market

"This elegant control panel will provide hotel guests with a wonderfully comfortable experience."
-Cindy Davis, Hospitality Tech Decisions

Vantage Debuts Equinox 4 LCD Keypad Featuring Enhanced User Experience Interface at CEDIA Expo

"Equinox 4 presents users with a beautiful, minimalist on-wall aesthetic, and a single layer user interface that provides quick and intuitive control of lighting scenarios, interior climate, and audio systems like no product before it.

-Hidden Wires

Vantage Debuts The Equinox 4 LCD Keypad Featuring An Enhanced User Experience Interface

"Elegant Single-Gang Touch Keypad Sets Stage For A Revolution In Simple, User-Friendly Control Experiences"

-Home Toys

Vantage Plans Equinox 4 LCD Keypad for November

"Lighting control should be a lot more exciting than an on/off switch. Vantage Controls is putting a little style into the process, with the newly announced Equinox 4 LCD Keypad."

-Rachel Cericola, Electronic House

CEDIA Bids Farewell To Indianapolis

“It’s especially great to connect with current and new dealers. Looking toward Denver, you can only imagine things will keep getting better as the economy turns around.”

-Reid Cram, Director of Marketing, as quoted in AV Network by Chuck Ansbacher

Vantage Readies New In-Wall Touchscreens for Expo

"The user interface simplifies control, and that, plus a new widget platform, make programming easier and faster than before."

-Andrew Wale, Vice President of Marketing, as quoted in Twice by Joseph Palenchar

Vantage Debuts Equinox 4 Keypad

"Equinox 4 represents the future of our design philosophy: ultimate simplicity, ultimate consistency, and an end to the clutter and confusion that have defined home automation to this point.”

-Andrew Wale, Vice President of Marketing, as by CustomRetailer

Vantage Readies New In-Wall Touchscreens

"Vantage's Equinox 7-UX delivers control over systems throughout the house, including home-theater control."

-Joseph Palenchar, Residential Systems

Vantage Debuts the Equinox 4 LCD Keypad

"Vantage announces the impending release of Equinox 4, the first in an expanding line of easy-to-use in-wall LCD Keypads that epitomize the ultimate luxury space User Experience."

-Electrical News