LED Lighting and Control

LED Lighting Control

LED lighting offers many advantages over traditional lighting methods for certain applications. LED lighting offers energy efficiency, longer service lives, and increased durability over incandescent lighting. LED lighting may also provide design capabilities that are difficult to accomplish using incandescent or compact fluorescent lighting including directional distribution of light, dimming without color change and a broad range of color availability. For these and other reasons, LED lighting is becoming more common in a variety of luxury living spaces. Selecting the proper dimming system for LED lighting control is critical for customer satisfaction.


Why the recent increase in the use of LED lamps?


Perhaps their greatest impact is in the dramatic color effects enabled by this digital and dynamic lighting tool. But great progress has also been made in producing brilliant white lighting effects as well. Because they're highly efficient, long lasting, durable and inherently controllable, LED’s are enabling both new and traditional applications of light. LED lighting systems already illuminate famous buildings, bridges, retail shops, television studios, theater stages, hotels, casinos, hospitals, restaurants and celebrity-filled nightclubs around the world. For example, the Empire State Building is frequently illuminated in red, gren or blue LED lights to commemorate holidays or special events.

Why Vantage:

  • Powerful systems: Integration of all systems beyond lighting in the luxury space with simplified automation commands including Home Theater, HVAC, Security and more.
  • Exceptional user friendliness: Single layer user interfaces, together with keypads and touchscreens that can be personalized. Programming software is intuitive for system integrators to use and update. A large selection of keypads and touchscreens also increase comfort and use.
  • Access through mobile apps: Possibility for long distance control from the four corners of the world.
    • Vantage Interfaces provide both aesthetic and user interface consistency across all user touch points.
    • From incandescent and fluourescent to LED light sources, Vantage systems are adept at controlling the widest range of light sources including forward and reverse phase source dimming as well as 0-10 VDC, PWM and DMX control.
  • Updates: Vantage software and hardware are designed to easily accept updates, which gives the system exceptional flexibility for integrating technological innovations.
  • 5 year product warranty.


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