Infusion System

The InFusion System Offers Robust Lighting Control With Complete System Integration.

A complete experience is multi-dimensional, so Vantage has developed its InFusion control and automation platform around lighting control as the core; coupled with a multi-system native solution delivering the ability to integrate best-of-category products from different manufacturers. This approach simplifies system design, installation, programming and ongoing support while ensuring a consistent user experience across all applications. In addition to Lighting Control a Vantage system offers solutions for Distributed Audio, Distributed Video, Comfort and Energy Management, and Security.

New Enhanced Lighting Solutions

New Enhanced Lighting Solution

In 2012 Vantage announced significant enhancements to the InFusion lighting control solution. The enhancements provide a demonstrably improved user experience with such benefits as:

Increased control precision of multiple light source technologies and complex lighting scenes and scenarios. A variety of high- and low-voltage lighting sources can be managed and dimmed simultaneously.

Backwards-compatibility with installed Vantage Q and InFusion systems and future readiness with field firmware upgrades, electrical usage monitoring, service notifications and sensor integration with increased support of low wattage loads such as LEDs. Improved system design flexibility with full support of all dimming technologies including forward and reverse phase, 0-10, PWM and DMX form the complete solution.