Contruction Type

The Vantage System Is Harmonious With All Construction Types.

As a part of Legrand, a global leader in electrical and electronic systems and one of Forbes magazine’s Top 100 Most Innovative Companies, Vantage has developed control and automation solutions specifically tailored toward luxury spaces for over 25 years.

From boardrooms to boutiques, homes to hotels, our solutions deliver a no-compromise approach to simplifying complexity, providing scalable future-ready systems with unique user interface experiences all delivered through a single software design and programming tool to help translate vision into reality. Simply put, Vantage provides the unique perspective necessary to help you meet your most challenging control and automation project demands.

New Construction

Centralized Solution

Typically installed in new construction projects, this solution enables sophisticated one touch control of the entire environment through InFusion dimmers and modules housed in a single-location enclosure and switched from low voltage keypads. All communication occurs through hard-wired connections, creating a robust, reliable automation infrastructure.


Distributed Solution

This approach takes advantage of our wired and wireless wall box dimming solutions coupled with our stylish keypads to create extremely flexible control options. Our RadioLink RF and RFLC solutions provide the same benefits of a centralized solution without the need for new wires, making them the ultimate retrofit solutions in any application.


Hybrid Solution

Combining elements from centralized and distributed solutions enables sophisticated control at the touch of a button in any construction scenario – new, retrofit or remodel. Perfect for the end user who wishes to begin with a basic system such as lighting before moving into a more complete automation experience.