The Vantage system offers a comprehensive set of integrated Automation and Lighting Control solutions. See how these solutions will help simplify and enrich your life.

Explore the new Experience Solution interfaces and navigation. See how our dimming systems provide precise and simultaneous control of the widest range of lighting sources, including energy efficient LED lighting. Research how to entertain at home, on the high seas, or in the office with ease. Consider striking the optimal balance between comfort and environmental awareness. Examine the wide range of user interface options available to meet any requirement and complement any decor.

user experience

User Experience-UX

Vantage provides interfaces that are simple and intuitive to use, adaptable to your changing living environment and always available on all your smart devices allowing you to focus on enjoying life.

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Lighting Automation

Dynamic lighting is paramount in any experience.

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Vantage control systems make entertainment simple, convenient and cutting edge.

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A Vantage system gives you unparalleled control of comfort systems throughout your home.

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A Vantage system gives you unparalleled control of energy systems throughout your home. Vantage control systems make conserving natural resources while preserving your lifestyle simple, intuitive and convenient. Easily set all systems in “away” mode with a single button press, shutting down all lighting, setting thermostats back, and putting privacy controls into action.

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user interface

User Interface-UI

The sophisticated style of the Vantage Keypad Collection enables you to add elegance to any room. Whether you desire an interface that blends with the environment or a keypad that enhances your décor, Vantage offers a multitude of options to complement any design.

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