Auto Essentials

Start Small, Finish Big

From a single room system to a multi-thousand square foot luxury space our architecture is built to scale. Whether you want to start small and add on later; or you are considering a small or large remodel. Our system will fit your design and provide the ability to make changes and modifications later.

Automation Essentials Kit

Automation Essentials Kit

Home automation is more than technology and behind the scenes programming - it's about how you live your life. Vantage believes that you should be able to achieve living perfection without ever thinking about your automation system. The Vantage Essentials Automation Package allows you enjoy the luxury of home automation a little at a time. Start with the ability to control the lights in your home with a simple button press. When the time comes, add audio & video control, energy management, touchscreens or the Vantage iPhone app.

Contact your Vantage Dealer to learn more about the Vantage Essentials Automation Package or download a cutsheet.