Vantage Commercial Application Grand Canyon Visitor Center

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Grand Canyon Visitor Center


Project Description

Located at the south end of the Grand Canyon at approximately 7,000 feet elevation, the Grand Canyon Visitor Center provides park and regional information, informative exhibits, bicycle rentals, a bookstore, and stargazing sessions where visitors gather in the parking lot with binoculars, cameras, and telescopes to enjoy the amazing celestial views.

Project Challenge

As interest and participation in the stargazing sessions grew, the park decided to upgrade their lighting control system to be able to turn off (or dim) pole lighting in the parking lots and dim walking path lighting systems to better accommodate the evening sessions.

Vantage Solution

The lighting and control system includes 45 DALI-connected fixtures with three relay-controlled information panels and comprises 100% LED lighting controlled by two Equinox touchscreen control pads— one in the back room of the visitor center for easy access by park personnel and the other in the electrical room where the equipment is installed. While each fixture can be adjusted individually, the visitor center relies on automated operation through timed events. With preset lighting levels, the fixtures light pathways without interfering with stargazing activities.


Project Details

Vantage Application National Park, Visitor Center
Project Name Grand Canyon Visitor Center
Project Location Grand Canyon Village, Arizona
Project Scope Parking Lots, Walking Paths
Designer: David Roederer of Clanton & Associates


Vantage Products Incorporated

Equinox 73
DMX DALI Gateway


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